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Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
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Publication started: 1998

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Published by the "Education and Upbringing" Publishing,
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Prof. Victor A. GAISYONOK
Department of Physics, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus
Prof. Viatcheslav I. KUVSHINOV
B.I.Stepanov Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

(i) Editorial Board

A. Anagnostopulos (Greece), L.F. Babichev (Belarus), J. Bentsman (USA), C.C.A.M. Gielin (The Netherlands), H.V. Grushevskaya (Belarus), W. Kittel (The Netherlands), G.G. Krylov (Belarus), A.D. Linkevich (Belarus), P.V.E. McClintock (United Kingdom), E. Mosekilde (Denmark) V.B. Nemtsov (Belarus), V.P. Parkhomenko (Belarus), S.K. Rakhmanov (Belarus), M. Robnik (Slovenia), A. Ruffing (Germany),V.A Samuilov (USA), A.T. Vlassov (Belarus).

(ii) International Advisory Board

N. Abraham (USA), Y. Aizawa (Japan), V.M. Anishchik (Belarus), N.G. Antoniou (Greece), P.A. Apanasevich (Belarus), S. Bishop (United Kingdom), G. Casati (Italy), P. Cvitanovic´ (USA), A.D. Dmitriev (Russia), M.I. Dykman (USA), H. Fujisaka (Japan), S. Grossmann (Germany), H. Haken (Germany), R. Hwa (USA), W.A. Kaminski (Poland), S.M. Kashchenko (Russia), N.S. Kazak (Belarus), S.Ya. Kilin (Belarus), A.V. Kozulin (Belarus), Y. Kuramoto (Japan), A.I. Lesnikovich (Belarus), P. Manneville (France), L.A. Melnikov (Russia), T. Mullin (United Kingdom), G. Nicolis (Belgium), J. Parisi (Germany), K. Pyragas (Lithuania), O.E. Rössler (Germany), N.N. Rosanov (Russia), V.A. Sadovnichi (Russia), V.A. Savva (Belarus), M. Sonis (Israel), M. Soskin (Ukraine), A. Stefanovska (Slovenia), A.P. Voitovich (Belarus), L.A. Yanovich (Belarus), J. Yorke (USA), R.M. Yulmetiev (Russia).

(iii) Aims and Scope

The primary objective of Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems (NPCS) is to provide a single forum for this interdisciplinary area to strengthen links between basic and applied research, theoretical and experimental methods relating to nonlinear dynamics of complex systems encountered in the natural and social sciences. Its goal is to bring together, in one periodical, significant papers of high quality on all aspects of nonlinear dynamics, including phenomena, modelling, and complexity, thereby providing a focus and catalyst for the timely dissemination and cross-fertilization of new ideas, principles, and techniques across a broad interdisciplinary front. The scope of this international journal includes experiment, computational, and theoretical aspects of phase transitions, critical phenomena, self-organization, bifurcations, chaos, fluctuation phenomena, pattern formation, fractals and complexity in physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering, biology, social and economic sciences and the other areas of Scientific endeavour.

(iv) Invitation to Authors

NPCS is a relatively new journal, which started in December 1998 (Volume 1, No 1-4), and has by now achieved a respectable scientific quality. Many papers published in NPCS have been cited in other international high quality journals. We also expect NPCS to be included in the SCI system soon (usually this happens after three years of existence). Potential authors are cordially invited to submit their papers on any topic covered by the journal. The online journal has an already well established readership as can be concluded from the statistics of visits to the journal at the master site.

Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems is a quarterly journal, which publishes original research papers and reviews.

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